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Get to know Michael Mersola

Michael Mersola | Realtor | Your-go-to agent in Los Angeles

Thank you for visiting my web page. First impressions are usually the lasting impression one can make in life, so far I hope my website and the detail I have put into it has made an impact on you. 

Real estate in Los Angeles is an experience; it is spectacular and breathtaking at times, I have access to the best properties in the world here, and I relish my job and the opportunity to sell the California Dream! 

I love helping people reach their goals! I enjoy teaching and learning from everyone I meet in life. I am passionate about everything my job encompasses. I bring enthusiasm to the table every day in order to move forward in life and to create a career worth having and the life worth living.

My whole approach to success is rooted in my core values and my nature as a person. I believe in relationships based on trust, honesty, integrity, and thoughtfulness. 

Who am I and what is my story? My family raised me in Burbank/Glendale and still call the City of Burbank my home. Having a family who made their living from real estate, I had a good idea early on that I would follow their footsteps. But I needed to find myself and explore first, and I found myself through my education In College. During my college years, I quickly became enamored with geology, California history, and geography, so I took every class I could in those subjects.

What I learned at the moment during college and the experiences I had in those critical years I would have never imagined to be so beneficial for myself in the present. I find my knowledge to be a value and a benefit to you the client.

I became enamored with where we live, its history, the historical figures who influenced and built the infrastructure that makes it possible for us to call LA home. The nature and the sheer magnitude of the landscape that surrounds Los Angeles intrigued me and inspired me. 

So, we are always told in Real Estate it is all about, “Location, location, location,” right? Well, that is why I love where we live and why many of us have chosen to live in Los Angeles for a variety of reasons: either we come here “to make it” in Hollywood, or we come here to chase our dreams in one way or another. 

We Angeleno's love the weather: our warm, sandy beaches; the sunny valleys, our beloved Pacific ocean and its iconic waves and the towering San Gabriel Mountains; and our mysterious deserts. Living here and being a native Angeleno, I wanted to learn why this all existed and discover everything I could about California and its story. So, in college, I became more connected with the Southern California landscape, its people, and the neighborhoods we all call “home.” And now when I look at what drives me, I find my real estate career combines all of my interests and passions into one job. 

Los Angeles; known for our diversity, culture, food, entertainment, sports, beaches, the people who live here, and the greatness that has come from it. As a Realtor, I am overwhelmed by the vastness of our landscape and the variety of neighborhoods and architectural homes that Los Angeles has to offer. From the craftsman bungalows of Pasadena to the Spanish revivals of Glendale to the historically styled mansions in Hancock Park to the sleek and fabulous Hollywood Hills contemporary homes, to the warm and inviting Ranch / Mid-Century homes that dot the San Fernando Valley. 

I love what I do, and it shows. My team and I are here to better educate our clients as to housing style, neighborhood, give suggestions about how to better market your home. Educate you about the public and private school systems, nearby shopping, the arts, cultural events, and to value a home's worth for both you the seller and the buyer. I am here to help you find your dream home and to help you sell your current home or income property. I welcome your call, and we are always thrilled to earn an opportunity to be hired to help guide you to where you want to go with your real estate related needs.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon. 


Michael Mersola, Jr. 

My philosophy is that I never lose sight of my core belief: That my highest priority is YOU!

-Michael Mersola

With over 15 + years of experience in real estate and a lifetime of knowledge living and calling Los Angeles my home for 45 years. Born and raised in Burbank my family has called this area home since the '40s. I like to think that my knowledge and living here uniquely separate myself from the pack in this game of real estate. 

Selling real estate is much more than just selling a house or representing someone on a purchase. My ethos is building a trusting and prosperous relationship that lasts a lifetime with my clients.
Working with buyers is one of the greatest pleasures I get out of working in this profession. Being able to hand over the keys to your new home after the journey we take together is the most amazing feeling for both parties at the end of the process of buying a home.

Working with sellers is always a challenge but one that I take on, pricing a home correctly, hiring my team of professionals to get the job done right is a creative process for me and probably my favorite aspect of real estate. There is an art to negotiation and marketing, working as a team to accomplish the goal of creating a result that everyone involved including my client, the buyer, and the other agent feel good about the win when we close.


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Michael Mersola | Your Go-to Agent in Los Angeles

Consider me your "inside guy" in Los Angeles for Real Estate

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